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Prom Fashion Dresses 2024 & Gowns 2024

Prom Magazine prom dresses are handcrafted with the finest attention to detail. We have searched high and low to offer you the most unique elegant prom dress styles featuring a range of fabrics and necklines. First, search shop the online prom dress collection for the newest and latest in prom dress fashions  2023 by size, color, elegant and simple. From simple long formal evening gowns to short and sassy formal dresses. We offer basic black prom dress to fuchsia, red, royal, blue, yellow, purple, pink, lavender, light blue, rose gold, orange, lime green, and white prom dress all the way to royal blue floral-patterned designs. Prom magazine’s 2024 prom dress collection includes the best of styles and fits such as ball gowns and one-shoulders to help give you that unique look you need to make your grand entrance to on prom night.

Second, check out our prom checklists, tip and tricks in our new “Everything Prom”  blog.

Check out Prom Magazine’s Prom Guide called “Everything Prom” with DeBora Rachelle.

Our website has all the latest tips and tricks for getting ready for prom, all in one easy location. We also have an expanded printed version of Prom Magazine’s Prom Guide on Everything Prom available for you, click on the link above. It was written by top prom dress designer DeBora Rachelle, who upon retiring was the #1 most recognized name in prom dress designers. It not only shows you the latest in prom dresses but explains in detail how to get ready for prom. You will learn the hottest hair styles trends, nail polish styles, how to copy the celebrities, what dress suits your figure best, what not to do at the restaurant with your prom dates, prom etiquette, prom checklists, 

Prom 2024 with Prom Magazine

Prom season is closer than you think. We highly recommend to order your prom dress as soon as you find the dress of your dreams. Prom Magazine’s prom dress designers have brought the most beautiful textiles, colors and fabrics to our showcase so you can make your grand entrance to prom a memorable one. With the best prom dress prices and most unique and original prom dress gowns on the planet, prom magazine is here to help.

Most popular latest Prom dress trends for 2024 prom season they are elegant, and simple to sequin and cute.

Ball Gown Dresses 2024 are back!

Formal ball gowns full length dresses to the floor are back in 2024. Each ballgown is available in many different types and cuts, making it easy to find the correct item for you. A ball gown also comes in a variety of lengths, from short to long floor-length and a different key features such as a split leg or slit up the front or back exposing a little leg to add mystique. Prom Magazine offers a dress for everyone no matter what your height or size. Check out which prom dress suits your “body type” best page. Whether it’s a ball gown, sheath dress, fit and flare, tulle, organza or simple that little black dress, we have them all at Prom Magazine. Prom Magazine carries sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 through plus sizes 18, 24w, 26w, 28w, and 32w.

Sheath and mermaid prom dresses are still popular especially with celebrities.

  • From Bella Thorne, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavota, Lauren Conrad, Elle Fanning to influencers such as Jules LaBlanc, Megan Stacy, Madison Wilkins, Danielle Syquia, Aliyah Adewuyi, Adela Demetrova and Gina Lee Witfield, everyone can agree Sheath dresses will be all the rage in 2023!  How can a person not love the fit and sexiness of a slim sheath gown made of 100% silk hand-beaded fabric? Even you can dress like a celebrity and feel just as glamorous.  
  • Other prom dress styles on the scene:

  • Prom Dress 2024 “in” Colors

    Top color analysts from Pantone have predicted the top best “in” colors for prom this year will be lavender, purple, sage leaf, cobalt blue, fuchsia, pink and peaches.  Of course one cannot forget the simple black prom dresses, white formal dresses and red gown prom dresses which are always the staple, safe “go to” colors of each season. Tight sheath dress, feathers, bold colors, long sleeves, short sleeves, mermaid, lace, sexy, sequin, simple, elegant, maxi and butterfly patterns are the prom trends for 2023. Prom Magazine offers dresses in every color black, red, green emerald green, jade green, pink, purple, white, gold blue, hot pink , dark green, sage green, royal blue, orange, light blue, rose gold, lilac, dark purple, navy blue, lavender, baby blue, silver, emerald, burgundy, forest green, light pink, olive green fuchsia, dark blue, champagne and many many more colors.

    What prom dress is right for your body type?

    When thinking about what to wear for prom, check out our body type page. It’s important to choose the proper neckline (such as sweetheart and spaghetti straps), waistlines (such as a-line and mermaid styles), hemline (floor length to short or cocktail length) and fabric (satins, tulle, organza) of your dress to go with what type of dress is most flattering on your body type.

Don’t take a backstage door when you can be the light of the party and shine making your grand entrance with our unique one-of-a-kind Prom Magazine dresses. Change up your look by adding glamour with Prom Magazine’s accessories. We have everything from the unique drop dead gorgeous dress to the undergarments that will make your prom dress look extra flattering on you. Other accessory items you will need and can find on our website include: prom garters, prom shoes, matching nail polish and make-up or cosmetics, your bra’s crinolines, prom jewelry such as your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  The only thing you won’t be able to find on our website is your date (but we are working on that one too!) At least you can check out our “how to ask a date to prom page.” Prom season is here and Prom Magazine is here to make sure how you dress for prom impresses everyone. 

What type of prom dress fabric should you choose?

Fabric is important in dresses. It determines how full the dress will be, how delicate you must walk so as not to rip a silk fabric. There are many different fabrics to chose from. Tulle is a light airy fabric that is typically layered to add fullness to a formal gown (tulle is mainly found on ball gown prom dresses). Lace dresses which typically are made of satin with a lace overlay. The nice thing about lace dresses is they cover a lot of body flaws because the lace layer is typically loose. Embroidery lace dresses is typically a weave done by hand. Brocade fabric had big flowers and typically has another layer of fabric under it. Organza is softer still see-thru like tulle. It is used on everything from ball gowns to sheath dresses. Silk hand-beaded dresses are absolutely stunning. They cling to every curve of your body and are very popular this prom season. Cotton is beautiful but not very popular in a prom dress due to it being prone to wrinkles. Satin gowns are still the prom rage and many dresses are lined in satin which feels amazing on your body. Iridescent taffeta catches a glitzy sparkle when you walk due to the threads being interwoven between a color and a black, gold, or silver thread.

Get ready to shine in perfect prom dresses for 2024

Shop our prom dresses like a rock star and see what’s trending in prom fashion right now:

Cold-Shoulder Dress Style

A cold shoulder dress offers a little sexy while still remaining a modest fashion. It has long or short sleeves but the shoulders are open holes.

One Shoulder Dress Style

One shoulder prom dresses have fabric covering just one shoulder. The other shoulder is uncovered. The open shoulder can just be a little strap or have a long or short sleeve added to it.

Off-the-Shoulder Prom Style

Off the shoulder, are just that, the sleeves looks like it is falling off the shoulder. This very popular prom style look is found to be sexy and modest and looks great on any figure type.

Bohemian Style Prom Dresses

Do you love patterns? Then check out our Boho prom dresses. Making a casual look elegant, Bohemian dresses are sure to be attention getting prom gowns.

A-line Prom Dress Styles

 A-line prom dresses that fit right under the bust and flare at the waist drawing attention to your natural waistline. A line prom dresses look great on most figure types. Figure out what is best for your body measurements and silhouette by looking at our Prom Magazine Guide for getting Ready for Prom.

Empire Waist Formal Gown

Empire waists draw attention to the line above the natural waist but just below your bust. This prom dress is an easier fit as it relaxes on the waistline. This size can be good for a plus size or pear shaped figure.

Two Piece Prom Dress

If you have a great waistline, a two piece prom dress may be a great prom style for you to show off your belly ring. Consisting of two pieces, these types of dresses typically show the belly button. The top is usually strapless, crop tank, or with spaghetti straps. These types of dresses are considered sexy but can also be modest depending on the dress.

Mermaid Prom Dress

Mermaid style were called mermaid because they look like a mermaid. These popular sheath dresses slim to the knee and slightly below the knee they start to flare. They are perfect for that hourglass shape because it shows every curve to a body. Sweetheart necklines are typically on a mermaid dress however, many also have off the shoulder or spaghetti straps necklines.

Corset Top Prom Dresses

Need an easy prom dress to alter? Chose a corset top. One simply has to tighten the strings up the back of the prom dress to get the proper fit!

Open Back Prom Dresses

Although innocent, open back prom dresses give off that sexy vibe. Hold them in place with double back sticky tape.

Strapless Prom dresses

Strapless prom dresses typically come with a spaghetti straps that you don’t have to wear but if you feel you really need to dance hard at prom, you may want to slide those straps on so you don’t bust one out on the dance floor literally.

Plus size prom dresses and Full figure prom dresses

Prom magazine carries all sizes in prom dresses. From a size 2 petite prom dress to a 26w plus size prom dresses.

Measuring for your Prom Dress to obtain the perfect fit.

Let’s face it, few of us are the perfect model size. Which means alterations are probably on the horizon if your bust, waist, and hip measurements do not match the size chart exact. To get the perfect fit, start by taking good measurements to get the dress closest to your body type.  If your measurements do not add up, have a seamstress lined up in advance to help you adjust your dress to your body type. To measure properly, follow this guide:

Stand up straight, shoulders back and wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust or chest. Make sure that the tape measure it held taught but not too tight as you do not want to flatten the bustline.


Place your hands on your hips. This is typically where your waist line will fall. Again hold the tape measure flat and taunt but not overly tight.


Stand with your feet together and measure around the widest part of your hips.

Prom Magazine has the latest and greatest offering the best most popular prom dress styles.

Whether you are attending prom, a formal dance, senior prom, junior prom, sweetheart, morp, valentines day, homecoming, a birthday party or a quinceanera we have the dress for you.44