Skirt lengths prom dresses formals

What Skirt Length is appropriate

Understanding Form dress Skirt Lengths...

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Cocktail length? Tea Length? Midi? Maxi? So many prom and homecoming skirt lengths and so little time!  Help!  How long should a prom dress be? Where should the hem fall? These are all great questions. The type of event you are attending and where it is determines the height of your skirt. 

Here are some recommendations..



Skirt lengths prom dresses formals
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Formal Events

If you are attending a black tie formal event in a ballroom or an event center a floor length gown is appropriate.

The length of a formal gown should skim the floor.The hem should be about 1/2″ off the floor with your high heels on.. So make sure when you have the hem adjusted you’re also are wearing the shoes and undergarments you will be wearing the day of the event. If you wear higher heels or bulkier undergarments, it will lift the dress off the floor. Also if you lose weight, the dress will hang lower on your body hence, be lower to the floor.

The majority of people do not get to wear floor length dresses to formal parties very often, hence, live it up and experience this type of dress when you can. Floor length dresses are the most formal. Typically used for prom night or going to a ball.

If the invite states “Black tie optional” this hem height would work as well. NOTE: This length of dresses has a shortening and broadening effect, perfect for slim tall women or better with heels if you are shorter.

Conservative / formal

Maxi and Ballerina length are very conservative hemlines. However, they can also be worn to formal events.

Ballerina Length (aka, boot length), this skirt falls above the ankle about at the mid calf. This look makes a person look a little shorter and stubbier, so it’s best to be tall and thin if you wear this length. In other words, it’s perfect for ballerina’s to wear who are typically tall and thin.

Maxi dresses fall to the ankle. From a waist line it generally falls between 39 to 41 inches down or 53″ hollow-to-hem. This style is more relaxed and perfect for outdoor picnics, barbecues, and other less formal relaxed events.

Perfect if your formal event is held outside or on a beach. If your shoes are amazing and something that must be shown, this is also the length to have.

Cocktail Party

A modern alternative to formals, cocktail length dresses were made for just that: cocktail parties. Considered a little less formal and a lot more fun and flirty. Cocktail length hemlines go up and down year-to-year. So they range anywhere from a midi to above the knee length. They are used for “black-tie optional” parties and more fancy events. The dress itself is somewhere between a formal gown and a casual gown.

Tea length was named this in the 1920’s because it was what women would wear to high tea.


Dating back to the 1960’s when mini skirts were introduced and made scandalous by the new media, they became all the rage. They came back as a trend in 2022. Pretty much a response to covid restrictions.

Personally, I was over micro skirts when I saw Brittney Spears wearing one with no underwear. Who wants to see anyone’s ‘whohaw’? So, if you’re going to wear one, keep your legs together please! Better yet, wear undies!

SKIRT length

Keep in mind, if you are not one to even try to wear a formal gown, there is nothing wrong with wearing a different length of dress that more suits your personality type. After all, you’ll have more fun the more comfortable you feel. 

Skirt lengths prom dresses formals

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