Why Prom Garters?

What’s with a Prom Garter?

Believe it or not, garters were brought into fashion by wealthy men to hold up their socks. Later, ladies borrowed this method to hold up their own stockings. Although the history of the garter is not very glamorous or ladylike, the garter later went on to be used by brides on their wedding day and prommers on prom night.

Basically, as far as weddings go, the groom has the privilege of taking off the bride’s garter and sending it to their guests. In essence, this symbolizes the innocence that the groom takes from the bride. It is said that the male guest who catches the bride’s garter will be the next male to marry. Hence, the garter has became known as having “good luck.”

What About The Prom Garter?

For the prom garter, prommers typically buy a satin garter that matches the color of their prom dress. It is worn above their knee under their prom dress on one leg. The prom-goer typically gives their date their garter at some point during the prom dance. In exchange, the person wearing the tuxedo will give their bow tie to their date. Many prommers choose to wear the bow tie around their neck. This typically looks adorable with a dress. Henceforth, their dates wear the garters on their arm (typically above the elbow). After prom, the prom garter will remind each other for years to come about their special night as they will be taking a piece of prom home for good luck and to remember the night.

Where can I buy a Prom Garter?

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