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Meet Our Expert on Prom

Let’s just say the girl who wrote, Everything Prom, lived in a prom world for over 35 years. Not many people can say that. But that was my life. For over 35 years I lived, breathed, and dreamed about prom.

In high school I went to 3 proms. During college, I managed a prom retail store. After college, I worked in the buying offices of a chain of 365 stores dedicated to teenagers. Then, I opened up a chain of bridal and prom retail stores. In 1993, I went on the World Wide Web with the first prom dress store EVER on the internet. 

My prom dress site would crash every server that ever hosted it from the sheer amount of traffic. Finally, a company was invented that could handle my website’s traffic called, ‘Yahoo’. That’s right, my website was on the internet before Yahoo, Google, and Amazon were even thought of.

That was when I started designing prom dresses for mass distribuation. According to major magazine surveys, DeBora Rachelle, (that’s me), became the #1 most recognized name among prom dress designers. People were coming to my website by typing in the keywords ‘prom magazine’. So, I brought PromMagazine.com. Customers started to ask for the magazine, so, I started publishing, Prom Magazine. It was sold all over the world in stores such as Barnes and Noble and Super One foods, etc.

However, that isn’t the reason why you need to read this book. If you’re thinking about going to prom, you need to read this book because, during all those 35+ years, I listened and learned from my prom teen customers. I learned their likes, dislikes, their ups and downs of prom. They confined in me with their deepest prom date secrets. Prommers told me everything I needed to know to help them find and design the perfect prom dresses, and the perfect prom accessories and to help them have the perfect prom. I talked with my customers every day. I was the company to send out prom newsletters and surveys through email and my prom customers responded with passion and furry.

I’d share everything I learned from them with our other prommers (those 45 million hits a month on my website received). Those prommers, in turn, would share what happened at their prom. And so the cycle continued.
If you’re reading this now, you are probably right in the same place my customers and I started when we first met. It is the people like you that are the reason why you need to read this book.

Everything Prom is just that, it takes you through everything you need to know to prepare and make it through your prom. And if something new and unusual happens to you during prom, I hope you will share it with me so I can continue my pattern of adding to the knowledge contained in Everything Prom and through Prom Magazine’s internet site so others will then be able to learn from you.

And that’s how I became an expert in Everything Prom. So let’s get started!  xo, DeBora Rachelle

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Prom Dresses Short V Neck Appliques Beading Lace Up back Knee-Length Party Gowns 16

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